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Creating sophisticated living & working space

Every product has a story. Together with the most engaging designer of today, we create original product of high quality, at great prices. Hand made luxury lighting in Glass. Hundreds of design, shapes and colors

EST Lights & Decorative Light: High quality & sophisticated online platform to Buy Modern Decorative lighting online. We provide a huge range of architecture and decorative lighting product and solutions.  From exclusive handmade blown glass to luxury lighting for Architects, Lighting and Interiors designers and design connoisseurs.

EST Lights has an exclusive collection of quality lighting products that creates sophisticated living & working space.  

We specialize in ODM & OEM of custom made Designer Light Fixture & Chandeliers

The best portal for Decorative lights online for sale India

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About us

Citi Brilliant Ltd, Hong Kong: World Class Architectural & Decorative Light Fixtures. Premium Quality, American, Scandinavian, Finnish Design in Glass for Luxury  Lighting - Never seen ...

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Luxury Decorative Lighting

Luxury Decorative Lighting

February 23, 2018

Every product has a story , Together with the most engaging designer of today, we create original product of high quality,...

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About our Designers

It starts with our designers who visualize and imagine the most relevant designs of today and tomorrow. It extends to our oem manufacturers who are obsessed with the detailing and materials and finally culminates with the direct delivery to you, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. Our 6 design values guide everything we do.

Design Studio

We work with over 20 designers from across the globe. From here, we develop new products, we have gathered some of the brightest design lovers, and a multitude of languages can be heard between the glass shapes, designs, color, prototypes, and computer screens.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Our products are  originally-designed, traditionally crafted glassware. 

Our skilled and dedicated craftsmen bring our design to life, using traditional methods of hand production with the finest and quality raw material.

We have a huge collections of glass wares to choose from