LED Strip Light in 5 meter Reel - 10W / meter

$35.00 $33.50

High Quality LED Strips with 3 years warranty.

High CRI and Zero color distortion.

5 meter reel without Aluminium profile.  

Aluminium profiles can be order depending on the application and location of placing the strip Light.  

Order separately for Drivers depending on the wattage of the LED Strip per meter X (multiply) the quantity (number) of meter ordered. Example: 10W / meter x 5 meters (ordered)  = Total power consumption i.e 10*5= 50W, add 20% (10) more for system. Total Power consumptio: 50+10=60W Therefore order the nearest Output of power available, i.e: 75W 

If buying RGB or RGBW Strips, you will need to order a color controller.

Color Temp: 

Available with factory guarantee. Bulk orders accepted  

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